Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana – please spread the word

Today’s post is not about growing your wealth. It is about helping others in need. The title of my article might sound like a political call, but its not.

It is about a unique health scheme that I learned about today. The Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana scheme has been started by the Maharashtra government.

This scheme meets healthcare expenditure of Below Poverty Line and certain Above Poverty Line families. To the extent of Rs. 1.5 lakh per year with no expense to the patient at all.


A little background about Mavshi

I spent the better part of today running around with “mavshi”. ”Mavshi” is the lady who does the cooking in the morning at our home. Mavshi is also Aunt in Marathi, my native language.

Mavshi needed to get a family member admitted to the hospital for an emergency surgical procedure.

She told us with crying eyes about her problem. I checked with a surgeon who we know and I asked him how we could help.

Hospitals in Mumbai, for example, are supposed to give a certain percentage of their beds for free to needy people. But we all know that in reality, many private hospitals literally drive these needy people away. To compound their woes medical help seekers might be illiterate and not very confident of even walking up to the reception in a plush lobby to ask for their right to medical care.

Our surgeon friend asked me to check with a hospital in suburban Mumbai and get details of the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana scheme. I did.

Unfortunately, the procedure that her brother needed was not present in the list of surgical procedures and treatments that are covered.


Going for the free bed route

I took her to 2 hospitals and navigated different “gates”, “social workers”, “desks” and “doctors”. I tried to get hold of a free bed that her brother would be entitled to under the municipal corporation rules. I understood that it would take a day at least for paperwork, patient checkup and tests. Her brother was in unbearable pain and needed treatment today.



We helped her with cash eventually since it was an emergency and her brother was admitted to a small private clinic.


A surprise lesson – Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana

I was not aware of the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana scheme until today. When told that her brother’s ailment is not covered, I immediately searched online for this scheme.

What I learned was truly amazing. We crib about the government rightly. But there are some silver linings to these dark clouds. Read on to seem some key features of this scheme and tell me you are not surprised.

Key features

  • A whopping 972 surgeries/therapies/procedures are covered in this scheme – Download the list here.
  • Apart from Mumbai and its suburbs this scheme is present in 8 districts in Maharashtra – List of hospitals can be seen here.
  • Eligibility  – A Below Poverty Line (BPL) yellow ration card or an Above Poverty Line (APL) orange ration card. Aadhaar card might be also used if ration card is unavailable.

Categories covered


My first plea to you – educate and hand-hold people in need

Healthcare cost is one of the fastest rising components of family expenditure. Hospital costs like cost of the bed, surgery, medicines, and post-operative care can wipe out the savings of people who are not well-off. I have seen it happening with a maid who used to work at our home.

Economically weaker individuals don’t have access to credit at reasonable interest rates. They fall back on informal loans from loan-sharks in such times. Harsh and exorbitant interest rates of 3% a month are common.

  • Make people in your immediate circle aware of this scheme and their rights.
  • If you can help someone in moving through the health system please do.
  • If you are not economically weak, it might look very easy to ask for information. For some people it is a scary situation. I have seen it happen with Mavshi.
  • A visit to a swanky private hospital (there are hospitals like this in the list of approved hospitals) can leave some lost at sea. Hand-hold someone if you can.
  • Do your bit. There is good in all of us. Let us express it.

I had to hold Mavshi’s hand when she walked up the escalator. She was sure she is going to fall down when she steps on it. She said this is one reason why she thinks that she can never come to this hospital.

Please do read the update to this post too. This talks about the problems in the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana scheme.

My plea to you

It is my sincere request to you to share this article with your friends and relatives. You can use the sharing icons given at the end of this article. Please spread the word.

Encourage others to educate people in need in their circles. Let the multiplier effect of the Internet work for a positive cause.

I feel happy today for knowing that I am doing my bit to spread this with you. Now, I hope that the Capital Orbit community helps spread this further.


P.S. It will be helpful to the community if you can share details of similar schemes which are operating in different states in the comments section below.

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  1. Bhavesh says

    Don’t think any of us knew about this scheme. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful piece of information. And yes, let’s spread the word and help poor.

      • shital says

        this is very hopless sceme in which only rare surgery and medical emergency cases are available.my question is to that who selected 972 procedure ? because heart attack cancer and other disease are seen rare in these family.
        they are poor hyginic patient and disease are maximum mal nourished & infected .are bhai frod karo lekin kitna .marane ke bad idhar hi chodana hai,sona khaiga kya kyo isaka udo udo kara rahe ho. yah totaly hopless and white coller crime hai.dekho bhai logo ko aap lazy bana rahe ho.

        • says

          Shital, I am not not aware about the fraud that you are talking about. I know a few people who have used this scheme and have benefited. I am no expert on why only these 972 procedures were selected. My point was that if someone can use this scheme for one of those 972 procedures, please go ahead and use them.

          There might be deficiencies in this Yojana. Sure. And debates about whether there should be state welfare or not are simply beyond the scope of what I have covered and the intent behind it.

      • manoj says

        sir,hi i am manoj,i am working in rgjay as orgya mitra from 5 month,In each hospital one orgya mitra is employed to solve the problem of patient.(save patient from extra money collection, wrong tratment and complains against hospital).
        sir, like to ask one question,
        why this plan working by private agencies like MD INDIA HEALTH CARE ? ( they doing this work in least salary,ie on contact basis on graduate pass student in 6,000 salary per month)
        then how can orgya mitra defend rgjay patient from corruption by hospitals.. how can he fight with hospitals….
        whay this yojana not employed by goverment ?
        due to less salary he will be easily get corrupted…..and therefor he help to cheat patient as directed by hospitals…

        • Kalyan says

          Bhai,,this is not the proper clarification about the corruption. Because no one is pressuring you to join for this job… but you wish to join as per your qualification or any cuz reason,,,also the salary was disclosed prior to join. So salary is not the concern to do the corruption on such a mercy people policy. Once you join on your job & u r payer for the same,,, u should do your job properly.

  2. Dr. Thomas Kuruvilla says

    You have to also see the flip side to this scheme. The RGJAY has been criticised by many because it is operation or procedure related, in that the hospital gets reimbursed by the Govt./Insurance only if the patient undergoes invasive procedures. Therefore, many private hospitals (especially those which are not doing well otherwise) use this scheme to bring in patients & conduct procedures or operations (sometimes when not indicated) so as to get reimbursed. It should be noted that the hospitals are not reimbursed for treating diseases with medicines. Therefore a medical line of treatment is not encouraged even when it may be as beneficial or even better than a surgical line of treatment. There have been several cases of unneeded removal of uteruses being done. One area where misuse is common is in cardiac ailments. These hospitals often advice patients to undergo angiographies/angioplasties/bypass surgeries even when a medical line of treatment is indicated. And the poor are easily fooled. So, please take a second opinion before undergoing these procedures when advised by hospitals empanelled under this scheme.

    • says

      Thanks Dr. Kuruvilla.

      On reading your comment, I decided that I have to share this with the Capital Orbit community. I was not aware of these problems. I guess like in financial services, its the same in this scheme. How you set up incentives and how they are aligned to positive outcomes for customers.

      I have not been able to understand how people have zero qualms about playing with someone’s health (in medicine) and money (in financial services). But, that’s the way it is.

      Thanks for sharing it with all of us here.

      Do you invest directly in stocks? What is your investing style like?

      • mukesh maheshwari says

        i was found pain in heart on 30 jan 2013 . dr advised the same is heart attack.
        first i admitted nearest of hospital lifeline medicare hospitals pvt ltd . then i changed to KEM MUMBAI. There i came to know about RAJEEV GANDHI JEEVANDAYEE AROGYA YOJNA. There is immediate help done by scheme. no any single paisa expense. but Dr. and all helped by the scheme. Scheme it self pays for sick. Direct help to needy .if any of your nearby desires to help he must have RATION CARD ORANGE only. .now aadhar card is also applicable we hope . but get confirmed.. this scheme is very good but it helps to mumbaietes only . why not this scheme help people all over INDIA?

      • lily ashok kamble says

        i want to apply fr rajiv gandhi card pls guide me how to go ahead fr applying on online. your action will be highly appreciated

    • Santosh Chavan says

      Dear Kunal
      Dear Dr Thomas,

      Need urgent help or info, It’s related to 7 hills hospital, It’s a tragadic exppiriance at all , Our one of the family member adimiited for blokages at neck have very very minor attcak of paralysis , we have checked all reports through three specialists, all are saying need operation angioplasty ( left and right both) to remove blokages.. So we got reference and have angiography and treatment in 7 hills yesterday , but after operation dr said only one blokages has removed because that is only been in package and other block you have to operate with additional cost.. our cap limit is 1.5 L only.. so we did it only for 1 blockage… now at 11th our what to do and where to go ? so we are checking the RGJAY schemes rules…please revert back in a day or two…Urgent hai please..Santosh 9867011663 please connect

  3. Ravindra says

    Dear Kunal, its amazing and also welcoming to find Capital Orbit featuring such schemes, I must congratulate you for your effort of bringing in information regarding social schemes meant for the marginalized. after having become aware of RGJAY, i read the electronic sign board of the same installed at Sukurwadi Bus Stand, Borivali (e), its really a boon for the poor people who would now afford quality treatment, the only thing is it must benefit those for whom it is meant. Your articles are very good. Thanks

    • says

      Thanks Ravindra. Interesting to see that they are sharing information at public places. I didn’t know that. Please also look at Dr. Kuruvilla’s comments. There are some things that are possibly negative. It is best to be aware of both good and bad.

    • says

      Hi Allwyn, I am very sorry to have missed replying to your comment earlier. Please use the link of the website that I have given in the article. This link has the list of hospitals in Maharashtra. Please go the nearest hospital and meet the Aarogya Mitra at the counter. They will guide you for the next steps.


    • says

      Sameer, you will need to visit the right hospital which is offering the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee scheme. Please use their website to check. You will need to physically visit the hospital and ask about the next steps.

  4. Ajay chimkar says

    dear sir,
    my name is ajay please help sir,
    me mumbai me rehata hu muje mere mother ke hard operation ke liye help chahi ye sir please
    ham kisi privet hospital me operation nahi kar sakte pls..
    ajay chimkar
    mob: 8082017422

    • says

      Hi Ajay,

      Kunal is better instead of Sir. Please don’t be formal.

      Aap article mein dekhein to hospitals ke list ka link diya hai. Us pe aap jayenge to aapke shaher ya nazdeek ke shaher mein hospitals ka list dekh lijiye. Aapko hospital khud jana hoga aapke ma ko lekar. Chahein to aap pahle ja kar details le aaiye. Fir aapke maa ko le jaiye. Wahan ke Aarogya mitra aapko aage guide karenge.


  5. Samir Bubere says

    I helped a patient from Uran and successfully done the treatment of Angiography and Angioplasty of Heart disease worth Rs 85000/- and it was done absolutely Free of charge.

  6. nipam shah says

    hi i want to know the hospital name in which appendix operation is done in mumbai suburb or city. hope for ur early reply waiting.thank you

  7. AJAY says

    Dear I don’t have RASHAN card but I would like to know how to get this for my 74 years old Mom.As doctors has advised for CABG( bypass),kindly let me know how could I get this.I’m not in position to spend even little amount.

  8. mario says

    I wish there was transparency in the packages (amount defined) for various surgeries. What happens if there’s escalation in cost. What about post operation follow-up and treatment, say in case of Oncology related treatments. Will one get the same type of treatment being otherwise offered to the affordable & paying class of patients. Even the doctors available I believe, are not the best in the industry, but just freshers or second / third rung types, who make the poor their guinea pigs. I am sure, many will agree to this.
    like to know your comments on this.

    • says

      Mario, to be frank, I do not have details of whether there are different doctors tending to different classes of patients.

      As far as costs go, I had read that they cover surgery + medicines + consumables + cost of stay. I am not sure about post operation treatments (if they are not hospitalizations). I am not a doctor. But from what I read of the PDF that covers the various procedures (link shared above), they have surgical oncology and medical oncology. In the medical oncology, I see some cancer medicines which should cover ongoing treatment. This is what my untrained eye tells me. I may be wrong too.

  9. Thomas Kuruvilla says

    Mario, as far as the surgery or procedure is concerned, it is free for those who are eligible. Post operative care is also covered & this includes medicines. Regarding the capability & experience of doctors, this will depend on the patient load that a particular hospital has. Like in a Govt. hospital, the chief surgeons or cardiologists cannot handle all the patients. So there has to be delegation of work to more junior staff. But that does not mean that the junior staff are not good. I do not think you should worry too much on this issue. What needs to be checked is whether the surgery or procedure recommended is really indicated or not. Misuse of the system is unlikely to occur in Govt. hospitals because in these hospitals the doctors are anyway busy. But misuse can occur in the private hospitals because this is a source of income for the hospital. So, my suggestion is, please double check the necessity of the surgery or procedure when you go to a private hospital.

  10. Ram jorwar says

    Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana its good
    Hospital Choise_Har Bimarikeli Alag Alag Hospital Ache Hai to
    Apki Yojana Pesant [marijke famlly] hospital choise kar sakate hai
    tobhi ye yojana ka lab[fayda] use mil sake

  11. POOJA PAWAR says

    i want to do my histromy operation will Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Aarogya Yojana will help me how can i take a help from this yojana

    • Kunal says

      Hi Pooja, please visit the website for the Yojana. The link is provided in the article. Find an eligible hospital and visit it to know more. Also see whether your procedure is within the list of approved procedures.

  12. shreedaran says

    I am suffering from 9 mm calculus in my kidney from last two month, i tried many docotors to get that calculus via urine but not happening, I am financially weak, but i have orange ration card please suggest me the hospital nearby Goregoan to borivali and procedure to the Rajiv gandhi yogana please

  13. Ravichandra shetty says

    Thank you for greatest information it is one of the best way to get good treatment from best hospitals.keep it up

  14. Mugdha says

    Was looking for some info about registration for Rajiv Gandhi Yojna for my maid…This was usefull…will share it with my circle



    • says

      Hi Pandurang,

      Unless you have something specific to point out, it does not help me nor others who read this article. I would welcome it if you shared your understanding of any problems in this.

  15. shailendra shirodkar says

    Dear Kunal,
    I came across your informative article as our ‘mavshi’ cook ,was advised surgery and I am searching for details of the RGJscheme .However on visiting one of the hospitals ,she was told that the expenses for the surgery shall be covered ,but some high priced injections post surgey shall have to be paid for.Wanted clarity on this .Hope its not one of way to discourage the family from getting her admitted in the hospital?Also can you indicate if diagnostics tests done in private clinic also covered under the scheme.?……Many thanks

    • says

      Hi Shailendra,

      My understanding is that all medicines for post operative care are covered too. That is what the scheme says. You are possibly right that certain hospitals might be doing this to discourage people from availing this scheme. It might be worth checking at another hospital to confirm your understanding of what is included and what is not. Private clinics are not covered clearly. There are approved hospitals under this scheme. Anything outside this list will not be eligible for cover.


  16. avani says

    hi kunal,
    Even i came to knw abt this b4 2 days as my frnd informed me abt it. My dad has suffered fm minor attck and nw he has dne wid angography and nxt step mayb angoplast or bipass. I hope this scheme vl help me from financial problem. I hv learnt ur article its really good and worth to spread such information to help needy families.

  17. Sandip Landge says

    Hi Kunal, i am impressed about u r spreading the scheme heartly. I Visit website. I am from tal- chalisgaon, dist- jalgaon.. No govt. hospital is running here.& But scheme is at civil hospital, jalgaon. it is 100 KM from csn. no single private hospital is in list in jalgaon. how csn people get benefit of scheme. private hospitals are deny to this scheme & patients are charged expensive. what i have to do in cases?

    • says

      Thanks Sandip.

      If there is no hospital close to your home there is no alternative unfortunately. To take the benefit of this scheme you will need to go to an approved hospital. I can understand what you are saying. I too feel that private hospitals overcharge on average. You will have to travel till this scheme spreads to a place near your home.

  18. Dilip says


    Small Query..One of my relative was admitted for Angio-Plasty through Rajeev Gandhi Jeevandayee Yojana..but before that it was found that he has some problem with his kidney..Now Doctors are treating him for kidney..can he get free treatment ? Because original approval was for Angio-Plasty ?

    • says

      As long as it is in the list of approved procedures, Dilip. I have given a link which has the list of procedures. Please check in that list and see whether the procedure your relative will undergo, is covered or not.

      • Dilip says

        Its in the list…..But they are giving mere medicines…They are not doing any procedure because of patient’s condition

        • says

          Whether they can operate right now or not, might be the doctor’s call. I cannot comment on that. Ask them whether they will operate under this scheme if the patient’s medical condition improves and they can operate.

  19. Jayesh Deokar says

    Hi Kunal,

    It’s great to learn that there are some businessmen who understand their social responsibilities like you do. I really appreciate and congratulate you.

    Many people, including me, did not know of this Scheme till today. Please throw some light on the registration part under this scheme. Is registration under this scheme required before one can avail its benefits? Also let me know if the scheme is effective in the District of Thane… I would be glad to spread the word in my locality and possibly help the needy.

    Kind Regards,

    Jayesh Deokar

  20. Jayesh Deokar says

    Thanks Kunal,

    I’m still not clear as to registration. As you said registration is required, but with whom one can have himself/ herself registered? Is there any separate mechanism set up for registrations under the scheme or mere production of Ration card to Hospital authorities would suffice?

  21. Deepak says

    Hi Kunal,

    Thank you so much for the information. It is such a good scheme that govt has for us.

    My sister is going through a Kidney Transplant soon. My younger brother is donating one of his kidney to her. However all the savings of my sister and her husband has drained on diagnosis and dialysis (since last 2 years she is on dialysis); and and the cost of the transplant is HUGE. She has the orange ration card out of Nashik.

    Please can you tell me what is the best way to apply for the RGJAY card?
    (sorry if I have missed the information already there above; I did not read all of the post -:) ).

    I am finding it a bit confusing on how to go about it and where to apply for it etc.

    Thanks in advance.


  22. Shiva says

    Dear Kunal & others,

    I have read all of your discussion and accordingly wants to bring into notice that RGJAY Scheme does not cover surgery which are adviced by doctor for replacement for e.g joint replacement etc i myself had bad experience when my dad was going under test for removal of his broken rod implant in femur bone & total hip joint replacement at Dr. D.Y Patil hospital Nerul (e) – Navi Mumbai. Since we were eligible under said criteria of RGJAY scheme, so we enquired the RGJAY scheme office @ Hospital campus Itself for registering my dad under this scheme, but the attendant and Dr. @ RGJAY office told us that the this particular surgery is not covered becoz it was operated 7yrs back in private hospital and replacement of hip joint is also not possible becoz its not covered under the scheme.

    I also cross checked the same with toll free customer Care no. 1800 233 2200 of RGJAY scheme, even there also i got the same inputs.

    Now i tell my dad is plumber by profession, broke his femur leg bone by felling off from construction site (from 2nd flr height) at that time, the contractor paid the hospital expenses. Now, after 7 yrs later he broke the same implanted rod.

    So why cant govt. understand this and why they considering all this under the scheme.

  23. Shiva says

    Mr. Deepak,

    Go to nearest big reputed hospital / govt Hospital at your place, Ask them are they empaneled under RGJAY scheme. If yes there will be a RGJAY scheme office in the hospital campus itself ask for it. Carry your rationing card and Pancard & adhaar card / Photo ID proof and handover to attendant and tell him / her that you want to be a treated under this scheme, they wll process your application in a weeks time and will handover temporary RGJAY card for current medical treatment. Scheme cover 1.5 lacs amount under family floater scheme.

    Note that u shld undergo the patient treatment under the same hospital.

    you can also find the empaneled hospital under this scheme by clicking on below link For more info: https://www.jeevandayee.gov.in/ (u can search hospital city wise and specialty wise aswell)
    also can call on : Toll free Customer care no. 1800 233 2200. to know more about the scheme.

  24. says

    Hi i amit from satara, maharashtra, my dad suffered from cardiac problems i.e. Ihd (ischemic heart disease) need to do test angiography but because of low financial status unable to do that, hence want to know contact no. Of RGJAY centres in hospitals near satara please reply as fast as possible either on my mail- amithome996@gmail.com.

  25. says

    Hi i amit from satara, maharashtra, my dad suffered from cardiac problems i.e. Ihd (ischemic heart disease) need to do test angiography but because of low financial status unable to do that, hence want to know contact no. Of RGJAY centres in hospitals near satara please reply as fast as possible either on my mail- amithome996@gmail.com.
    Please i want to admit ma dad in hospital as early as possible.

  26. Asawari Satish jadhav says

    hi sir one of my small brother is addmitted in the surya child care hospital, santacurz her family position in not financially will he is in ICU……CAN U provide him any medical financial assistant under RGJY

  27. Dipali Divakar Lanjewar says

    Negligencies of Doctors of Government
    Medical Collage & Super Speciality Hospital Nagpur
    Details as follows:
    Patient Diwakar Lanjewar R/o Sakoli Ditt: Bhandara admitted on 19 th of June 2014 under regd no:35664 of Cardiology Department
    Dr Das was to operate on 15 july 2014 terms and conditions before operation all of operation made clear & kept the patient in waiting room of operation
    Meanwhile the Dr Das called another patient {shri Prakash Patil of Chindwada} who was not admitted in Cardiology Dept in CVTS ward operated him & Dr Das returned the patient Divakar Lanjewar as he was not operatedthat date 15 july 2014 &at about 3:30 pm he was returned as operation was not done
    This patient was not operated on the second day 16/07/2014 & the patient lost his life on 17/07/2014
    Patient kept on hope of life from 19th of june to 17 july 2014 for 28 days but invain
    Doctors played with his life
    Patient was under the scheme of Rajive Gandhi Jivandiye Arogyadai Yojana Amount of Rs 1,50,000 was sanctioned for his operation
    After doing all fulfillments for operation why doctor not operated?
    Please enquiry should be made immediately against the Doctors who showed negligencies
    Sakoli Petitioner
    14/08/14 Dipali divakar Lanjewar
    Deceased Wife
    Email: Lanjewarn095@Gmail.com

  28. swapnil says

    sir …….my dad was suffering from paining in backbone……..so doctor told to do sonography ..then x-ray after that MRI ……but we don’t have enough money to do MRI ……then i ask to rajiv Gandhi yojana …..he told me that firstly you have to pay the MRI fees and if in MRI desease will occur that have to do operations then MRI feeswill be return……….My question is that how poor people can firstly pay the expensive test fees

  29. Bushra says

    Does Angiography covered under this scheme. cause i visited Asian heart hospital for my mother. i got a replied from Shruti-Arogya mitra that angiography doesnt covered under this scheme. pls guide me.

  30. Sarika says

    Please suggest me hospital for kidney transplantation under Rajiv Gandhi yojna near Jalana District….reply as early as possible please

  31. senapati narayan dalvi says

    i am senapati narayan dalvi i am suffering a kidney failure iam taking a dialysis treatment 3 days in a week now i have decided to do transplant at lowest cost so please help me for financial purpose so i do transplant.

  32. yogesh sharma says

    Sir mere pass rajive gandiyojana ka card hai mere brother ka name hai spine srgery karana hai sir ho sakta hai es yojana me kon se borivali me government hospital me hai pls gide me sir

  33. Varsha says

    Arogya mithra in an hospital has quoted large amount which exceeds the fund limit under Jyothi sanjeevini scheme for which its rejected… My father is a cancer patient he needs immediate medical help but its not approved because of arogya mitra.
    Kindly help me where can I complain. Kindly reply…

  34. Shital Gilbile Jain says


    I’m seeking for some information or guidance about the Rajiv Gandhi jivandayee arogya yojna. One of my relative is hospitalized n need to do a Liver transplant immediately & they can not afford this ,as it is a very expensive surgery.Can this be covered under this Yojna?

    Kindly advise.

    Thank Youl.



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  37. Abdul Sayed says

    Hello sir…
    Mi navi mumbait rahato.. Majjya kade yelow ration card available aahe.

    Majjya aai cha leg bone crack jhala aahe. Pvt hospital valyanni 50-60k cost sangitla aahe. Avdh amhi atrange nahi karu shakat.

    Mala janaych hota ki mi pan ya yojane sathi eligible asnar ka..

    Please help me sir.

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