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I am Kunal Pawaskar. Investor. Ex-investment banker. I love analyzing the markets and sharing what I learn. Founder of Capital Orbit.

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What is my goal at Capital Orbit?

Encourage and teach more people to become smart investors.

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You like knowing "why" you invest in something. You accept that continuous learning will let you invest with confidence. If you agree, you fit right in.


I share my views across multiple topics on the Capital Orbit blog. Check some of the article categories here.

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“Fantastic E-course, it gives you a good insight to equity research and enables one to understand how to pick up a stock by analyzing all the things like from balance sheet to the business in which the company is operating. It's great stuff for the beginner in this field !!” – Pradish Nair


I have put together investing resources including some free Excels that I have created and a list of my investing-related book reading recommendations. View them.


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I organize trainings and workshops at colleges and organizations. If you are interested in having one at the place you work at email me at workshop [at] caporbit.com

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