About Capital Orbit

About me

I am Kunal Pawaskar. I am the founder of Capital Orbit.

I completed post-graduate studies in management at IIM Indore. After MBA, I entered the financial services space. I have worked with SBI Caps and IIFL for more than five years. As an investment banker I was able to get an insight into companies, their business models, how business cycles affect them and most importantly the management that runs the show. I have a strong interest in personal finance, capital markets, and have been investing since seven years now.

I started Capital Orbit because I see too many people making the same mistakes again and again when it comes to managing and growing their wealth. I want to help people get smart in their personal financial planning and investing efforts through Capital Orbit.

Apart from work and time with family, there are three areas that take up my time. I read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. The reading habit serves me well when it comes to new ideas or insights or sometimes simply being able to skim through reports and articles and zoom in to the best parts. I love the outdoors and have been going regularly on treks since school days. And, I love music, both listening and playing the guitar.

I would love to hear your feedback about Capital Orbit. You can reach me at kunal [at] caporbit.com.


About Capital Orbit

Capital Orbit is an endeavour to help people improve their personal financial planning and become better investors.

All of us have the desire to live productive lives and attain our personal goals. It is very important to manage personal finances and steer past avoidable pitfalls to get there. You can increase your wealth with proper understanding of safe investing. Even if you are new to this and find the financial world confusing, it is not late. Start today and take charge of your investing decisions!

Keep visiting Capital Orbit regularly for valuable information, ideas and techniques, explained in easy ways, that will help you protect and grow your wealth.

Smart Stock Investor WorkshopCapital Orbit organizes the Smart Stock Investor Workshop, which is aimed at beginners who want to learn the process of selecting good stocks for long-term wealth creation. You can see the workshop details on this link.

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