Good investing reading – 15 February 2013

I will not say much about the article by James Altucher except that it talks of people with money and their problems. Very fascinating read.

Three Stories About Billionaires – James Altucher


This article is slightly old, from 2011, but always a good read if you want to get a grip on the Mahindra & Mahindra group.

How Anand Mahindra built his $12.5-billion empire – Business Today

A very good article that tells you the state of business for Hindustan Unilever in 10 minutes. Worth taking time out!

Not New, but Improved – Hindustan Unilever – Outlook Business


Conference calls are held by management of a company usually when the earnings are announced every quarter. They are interesting to listen to or to be read in transcript form, because the management talks about the business in the quarter gone by. They talk of the market, whether it is good or bad, challenges they are facing, expansion plans and many other pertinent facts.

This article is interesting because it talks of research done that showed that the more the number of positive words management used in the call, the greater was their chance of selling stock in the coming days. Exactly counter-intuitive.

I don’t know whether this is true also in India. It will be interesting to find out.

Conference Calls are a Web of Lies – The Reformed Broker

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