Ray Dalio – How the Economic Machine Works

Today, I am sharing a great 30 minute video by Ray Dalio who heads Bridgewater. Bridgewater is a very large investment manager that has assets under management amounting to around $150 billion. This video talks about the economy, money, credit, business cycles, debt cycles, central banks and printing money. It is a lucid and crisp [...]

Chidamabardam should listen to Theodore Dalrymple speak on inflation

I came across this beautiful article on inflation. I thought it captures the problem of inflation so well. We are caught up in consumer price index (CPI) and wholesale price index (WPI) numbers. We don’t see the big picture. For example, everyone is making easy money in real estate. What? You have not bought a [...]

Jim Chanos – Wine Country conference presentation on China

James Chanos heads Kynikos Associates. Kynikos means “cynic” in Greek. He became famous after the shorted Enron stock and made a killing as the problems in the company became public in 2001 and the stock price tanked. He has been bearish on China since a few years. He shared his thoughts on China and its [...]