SIP vs. moving average based investing

In today’s article I will evaluate whether we can do better than systematic investment plans (SIP) by using a simple moving average system based on the Nifty. I read a comment on an article that suggested that individual investors are better served by doing a discretionary investment, plan based on such a rule, as compared [...]

Gold coin and bar sales stopped in India – shooting the messenger?

Just now, I read the news that the All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) has asked its member jewellers to stop selling gold coins and bars to customers. Gold coin and bar sales stopped in India You can read the news here. First they asked banks to stop sales of gold coin and [...]

Dan Ariely – behavioural economics – free course

In today’s article, I will share details of a free online course on behavioural economics that starts on 25 March 2013. This course is going to be conducted by Dan Ariely. Behavioural economics and behavioural finance teaches us more about how we think when it comes to economic decisions. If you are serious about becoming [...]