What are the key metrics to track for banking stocks?

In this article I will summarize the key metrics that you should study in banking stocks before making an investment. This is third in a series on understanding banking stocks. In the earlier articles I discussed how to read a bank’s balance sheet and also how you can read a bank’s income statement.   Net [...]

Understanding a bank’s income statement

This is the second article in a series on understanding bank stocks in which I will discuss the basics of a bank income statement. In the first article I had discussed the basics of a bank’s balance sheet. Reading it before this article, will be helpful.   ICICI Bank’s income statement for FY13 Figures are [...]

Understanding a bank’s balance sheet

In this article I will take you through the basics of a bank’s balance sheet. Why should an investor consider banks? Good bank stocks can be great wealth creators. For example, HDFC Bank stock traded at Rs. 45.65 (after adjusting for corporate actions like splits) in Dec 2000. Today it trades at around Rs. 690. [...]

Good Investing Reading – 15 November 2013

In today’s edition of Good Investing Reading I have collected articles that I liked, across a wide range of topics. Some of them are very detailed and will explain an entire area well. I hope you find them useful.   First, I share an interview with Kenneth Andrade of IDFC Mutual Fund. This is a [...]