Jim Chanos – Wine Country conference presentation on China

James Chanos heads Kynikos Associates. Kynikos means “cynic” in Greek.

He became famous after the shorted Enron stock and made a killing as the problems in the company became public in 2001 and the stock price tanked.

He has been bearish on China since a few years. He shared his thoughts on China and its problems recently at a conference in April 2013.

Read it yourself.

Jim Chanos – Wine Country conference presentation on China

Jim Chanos CHINA PRESentation for Wine Country Conference 5 April 2013 by ValueWalk.com


Now, read it once again, and imagine he is talking about India.

In the case of investment in infrastructure,  China has far outpaced India. In fact, Chanos argues that they have poured too much money in infrastructure. The focus has been purely on building more and more without considering whether the infrastructure is viable.

Leave that aside.

The balance part about societal inequality, graft, real estate bubbles seems so very similar to the situation in India.

Quite fascinating. Hindi Chini bhai bhai?

What do you think? Do share your views in the comments section below. I would love to hear them.

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      Kidakaka, the corruption, obscenely priced real-estate, increasing inequality in society are common to both India and China. Have a look at one of the slides which lists the price of a home divided by income. Its ludicrous. Pretty much like India. For example, the percentile of people who can afford flats at today’s price is miniscule. Prices are levitating away.

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