Free Equity Research Reports India

In this article I am sharing a list of Google Groups which I find useful when I need to access equity research reports on Indian stocks.


Doing your own analysis

I am an advocate of doing your own analysis.

You might ask why I look at equity research reports by broking houses. The reason is simple. I do not look at the Valuation section in these reports. I only read the other sections. It is useful to get a summary of the sector and the business behind a particular stock.

It saves time.

It adds to what one might have missed in the material that the company discloses on their website.

There are certain companies which do not have earning calls with analysts. Still, they interact on a one-to-one basis with analysts if need be. This information reaches the research report. It is tough to get this data on your own.

Theoretically, if one is a shareholder of a company (even if you own one share) you can reach the Company Secretary (details on the company website) and ask queries to the extent that the company is disclosing information to the public.

Practically, getting access to management it is not easy. Management might make you run through hoops or make you wait. The same management might open up to an analyst from a broking house even if they do not own shares in the company.

Research reports are a valuable part of the investing process, provided you do not get carried away with target prices and recommendations, which might be biased. Read them for the facts only.


Google Groups for free equity research reports – India

You can use these links to various Google Groups which I use regularly.!forum/globalspeculators!forum/dpstock!forum/indiaequityresearch!forum/library-of-equity-research!forum/researchreports!forum/stockresearcher!forum/equity-research-reports


I recommend not using the email option when you sign up for any Google Group. It may lead to clogging your inbox because some of these groups are updated very frequently. It might be better to check it intermittently.

Alternatively, when you actually want a particular stock research report, go to these groups and check whether there is any relevant report.

I hope this is useful to you too. If you use any other resources which are free, do let me know. I will share it with the Capital Orbit Community.

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  1. keyur says

    Thanks Kunal. what are your views on orbit exports. It is fundamentally very strong. The current promoter used to be the client of this loss making company. He took over made it into a profit making company. He is increasing his stake. i had invested in it before 2 and half years.

      • keyur says

        They are into fabrics such as faux silk, ready made Christmas products. half exports half domestic market. impeccable roe. They are looking at capex.

          • keyur says

            Their strength in my view is their tie-ups with international fashion houses such as Calvin Klein and many more and computer aided designs. China is a more economical in providing bulk prints whereas India is a better market for customized computer aided design fabrics then China

          • says

            Ok. Looks interesting. I will put this in my “to-check” list for the coming week. Thanks. I will share what I find with you. Would be good to exchange notes.

    • says

      Hi Karpagavalli,

      I faced a problem when I tried to join the group again. I am already a member. So I don’t face the problem that you face.

      I will try removing myself from the group and joining again or doing it with some other ID. I will give an update.


  2. Nikhil says

    Very Interesting Article. Thank you so much for the efforts.
    I used to look for the DeadPresident Blogspot earlier.
    It was up to date earlier. But now seems to be slow. The last report is of the 29th Oct.

    Which one of the above you found most useful in chronological order.
    and are there Yahoo Groups also which could be useful


  3. Ajit says

    Very useful article.

    The links are quite useful. Getting a bit greedy, but have you come across some more resources for reports off late?

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