Start Stock Investing Free E-Course – 15 lessons, one every week

Start Stock Investing E-Course - 15 lessons, one every week - Capital Orbit

I am Kunal Pawaskar and I am the founder of Capital Orbit. Welcome to the Start Stock Investing E-Course.

You might already be a regular reader. If you are visiting Capital Orbit for the first time, let me welcome you to the Capital Orbit community.

I have worked earlier in finance in the areas of project finance advisory and investment banking. Over the last eight years I have seen a fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly in the stock market. I am convinced of the fact that it is one avenue for you to achieve solid wealth growth over the long-term.

You might ask, “What about risks?”

Warren Buffett, the guru of investing says that risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

In this E-Course, I will share with you the things you need to know to minimize risk and make smart stock investments.


Start Stock Investing E-Course content

Start Stock investing E-course content

  • I have carefully created this content so that it is easily understandable and relevant.
  • I personally follow these same principles when making my investment decisions.



Lesson schedule

  1. Saving, Investing, Inflation and Insurance
  2. Understanding the business
  3. Sustainable competitive advantages
  4. Management
  5. Understanding financial statements
  6. Key financial parameters that matter the most
  7. Difference between price and value, margin of safety
  8. Comparable ratios – Price to earnings, price to book
  9. Discounted cash flows
  10. Competence, investing biases
  11. Investment decisions – when to buy and sell, investing checklists, minimization of taxes
  12. Portfolio diversification
  13. Markets and interest rate cycles
  14. Is there one right way? Pragmatism vs. dogmatism
  15. Investing Action Plan


What is and what is not contained in the Start Stock Investing E-Course?

First, what this E-Course is not. I will not be sharing any hot tips or buy and sell recommendations. I will not give you quick fix solutions.

I trust that you are intelligent enough.


The spirit of this E-Course can be summarized like this.

  • I will arm you with the right tools and techniques.
  • I will build an awareness of possible pitfalls.
  • I will give you a basic framework for making investing decisions.
  • Most importantly I will share with you the right questions you need to ask before investing directly in any stock.


The bottom-line is that you can invest safely and profitably with the proper knowledge. Start off today.

Join the Start Stock Investing E-Course. It is free.

15 lessons over 15 weeks. Over 500 people who have already signed up. Start off. Learn how to invest in stocks for the long-term.

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Kunal Pawaskar,
Founder, Capital Orbit