Understanding the stock market – Google Hangout on 28 October 2012

Tomorrow, I am having a Google Hangout. It will be a live video discussion on what stocks are and what drives their prices in the stock market.

Date: 27 October 2012, Saturday
Time: 2 PM
Google Hangout
It will be basic content that will be great for beginners who want to improve their understanding of the stock market. I will be covering debt vs. equity (stocks) and then covering financials, results, news, trends, economics among other topics and how they affect stock prices.

All you need to do is add Capital Orbit’s Google Plus page to your circles if you have not done so already, using the link below. Then I will add you to the Hangout on Saturday. You can share this with interested friends.


Test your webcams, install this and be ready for tomorrow!

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