Start Stock Investing E-Course launched today!

I had mentioned in my last note that I was working on the launch of a free stock investing e-course for the Capital Orbit community.

I am quite happy to launch the “Start Stock Investing E-Course”. This course is a 15 week online course.

  • You have to sign up for this course by providing your email address.
  • You will receive 15 lessons, 1 lesson a week, delivered to your inbox.
  • It is free, with no strings attached.

Why have I created this E-Course?

I sincerely hope that this reaches and benefits the most number of investors. It is my aim to make more people appreciate the benefits of investing in the stock market in a sensible manner to create long-term wealth. I want to help investors steer past common mistakes which are avoidable. I hope that investors become independent in their investment decisions. That can only happen with proper knowledge.

This is my effort to give back to the community. Thanks for your support and your encouragement for Capital Orbit’s initiatives.

Start Stock Investing E-Course details

I have created each lesson so that is easy to understand. Week after week you will learn important concepts related to stock investing for the long-term.

Please click here to understand the details of this course.

Kunal Pawaskar
Founder, Capital Orbit

P.S. Share it with other investors who will benefit. Let most people benefit.

Join the Start Stock Investing E-Course. It's free.

15 lessons over 15 weeks. Over 500 people who have already signed up. Start off. Learn how to invest in stocks for the long-term.


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