Smart Stock Investor Workshop, Mumbai

What is the Smart Stock Investor Workshop?

Smart Equity Investor WorkshopThe stock market offers a great way to grow your wealth over the long-term. But there is a catch. Wealth can only be created if you select great stocks and steer past avoidable losses.

The Smart Stock Investor Workshop teaches  fundamental stock analysis. The emphasis of the Smart Stock Investor workshop will be on training the participants and making them self-reliant and confident of selecting great stocks to generate long-term wealth.

Date: November 2013 (to be announced soon)

Time: 10 AM – 6:00 PM

Location:  Santacruz, Mumbai.

Online registration mechanism will be provided when the workshop is announced.


Who will conduct the workshop?

Kunal Pawaskar - Founder, Capital Orbit

This is what past workshop participants say

“He did make all of us understand all the complex aspects related to stock picking using real life easy to relate examples. I definitely feel much better equipped now to analyze stocks, seeing their reports and supporting numbers, and take an informed investment decision…” – Hiren Metalia
“What is truly unique about Kunal is that he shares some excellent tips to help understand both the basics and intricacies in stock market investing. He can expand your power of analysis and make you read between the lines…” – Irum Khan


Where will the workshop be conducted?

Dr. PN Singh Centre for HRD, 502/505 Sai Chambers, Near BEST depot Opp. Railway Station, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400 055

The location is convenient. It is less than 2 minutes walking distance from Santacruz railway station on the East side.


Is the Smart Stock Investor workshop for me?

There is only one question that you should answer:

Do you want to make smart stock investments which create long-term wealth?

If you say Yes, you should join this course!


How do I make money from the Smart Stock Investor workshop?

The workshop has a completely practical orientation with the aim to make you great at stock picking. This is what you get from the workshop!

  • Ability to analyze and invest in fundamentally strong companies
  • Real-life examples of BSE and NSE stocks to illustrate ideas
  • Learning how to use publicly available information for evaluating stocks
  • Selected list of BSE and NSE stocks with strong fundamentals
  • You will start your stock investing journey when the workshop ends. I will guide you as you apply what you have learned in the workshop and study one stock, from start to finish, after the workshop concludes. Participants will work in a shared online area, search for information, capture it and refine their understanding over the next 30 days. Once this is complete, participants will share their study with each other.
  • It still does not end after your stock study. You can contact me to resolve doubts and queries on what you learn in the workshop over the next 1 year after the workshop ends.
  • Growing your stock investments over the long-term with this learning


What is the cost of the workshop?

The cost for the workshop is Rs. 4,500/- all inclusive. For students there is a reduced price of Rs. 2,500/-. This includes

Smart Stock Investor Workshop

  1. The workshop itself.
  2. The take-home material.
  3. The follow-up stock study exercises.
  4. Lunch, tea and snacks.


If the workshop is cancelled or postponed by Capital Orbit and you do not wish to attend the next announced workshop, you will get a complete refund of the amount that you have paid.


Do you still need reasons to attend this workshop? Ok. Here we go!

Detailed Workshop Content

Equity Market And Wealth Creation

  • What is asset allocation?
  • Why is equity an important asset class for you?
  • How can you make money work for you instead of you working for money?

Company Analysis – Qualitative

  • How can you separate good companies with long-term growth potential from the bad ones?
  • What are competitive advantages or moats that protect a company?
  • What are the dangers of taking on too much debt?
  • Are acquisitions always good?

Company Analysis – Quantitative

  • What is a profit and loss statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet?
  • What do debt ratio, EPS, operating and net margin, growth, dividend yield
  • and other important parameters tell you?
  • Why is cash flow such an important metric to track?
  • Why should you pay attention to return on equity and return on capital?
  • What are price earning ratios and price to book ratios?
  • How do you do a discounted cash flow analysis?
  • How can you gauge whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued?

Sector Analysis

  • How can you analyze attractiveness of a sector?
  • What is diversification of portfolio?

Economic Analysis

  • How do booms and busts occur in the economy?

Investment Decisions

  • How do you buy into a stock?
  • You bought a stock, now how do you decide when to sell?
  • What are the common investment mistakes you should avoid?
  • How can you pay the least tax on your capital gains?
  • What are the considerations before you invest in an IPO?

Prospects Ahead

  • Equity investing – what lies ahead?


Cannot join? Not from Mumbai?

If you are interested in joining the next workshop in Mumbai, please use the form below so that I can inform you by email about the subsequent workshop.

I have got requests from avid investors who reside in cities other than Mumbai. My only requirement is that I would need a minimum number of participants to make the workshop possible. This is where the form helps.

If you are from outside Mumbai and would like to attend the Smart Stock Investor Workshop in your city, do share your details in the form below. I will arrange to have a workshop in your city as soon as possible.

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