Money Talk with Capital Orbit

I have something new planned for you.

We start Money Talk with Capital Orbit tomorrow.

What is Money Talk with Capital Orbit?

It will be a free-wheeling discussion for an hour on Facebook.

Anyone is free to join.

Topics include personal finance and investing.

All of us participate as equals. We will ask questions and share thoughts on topics of interest.


Why am I doing Money Talk?

I started Capital Orbit so that I could create a community of people who are actively interested in getting better at managing their personal finances and becoming better investors respectively.

The Capital Orbit website is one step towards that goal.

There are certain limitations to a website. Immediate two-way communication is not possible. Yes, comments are possible. Many of you do comment on the website. You share thoughts, ask questions and provide answers to others. But we still don’t do it in real time.

Most importantly, nothing beats focused talking. Talking with others is fun. We all get to learn new ideas and have amazing discussions. In the least amount of time.


What do I need to do to join Money Talk?

First, you need to visit the Capital Orbit page on Facebook and Like it.

We will start Money Talk at 2 PM, Saturday, 8 June 2013. I will kick it off by starting a comment thread on Facebook.

Tomorrow be present on the Capital Orbit Facebook page and join at 2 PM.

Let us have a great one hour tomorrow. See you there.

Kunal Pawaskar
Founder, Capital Orbit

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