The invisible gorilla strikes my newsletter

There I was writing about the invisible gorilla in investing analysis. And I shared ways to avoid missing out on new and unexpected things.

It was coincidental that a reader Kidakaka (yes, it is a name that stands out) emailed me that the subject lines in the newsletter were not particularly descriptive.

I then went back and checked. I was pretty embarrassed to see this.

Capital Orbit newsletter – email subject line – Before

Capital Orbit Newsletter subject line - Before

My apologies

  • I recognize that you could not see a descriptive subject line in the email in your inbox.
  • This left you unable to search for articles visually in your inbox page. You would need to use the search box sometimes.
  • Sorry for the trouble. I fell victim to the invisible gorilla in the Newsletter email.
  • I had set it up so that I also got the same emails in my inbox along with all of you. This was to check if everything is Ok.
  • I never noticed the poor subject line.


Capital Orbit newsletter – email subject line – After.

I immediately corrected this issue after I heard from Kidakaka.  Now, this is what you will see in your inbox. The title of the article will be present in the subject.

Capital Orbit Newsletter subject line - After


My request to you

  • If you think there is anything on this website that I can improve, do email me or leave a comment.
  • I do read  every comment or email that comes to me from the Capital Orbit community.

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