Good Investing Reading – 27 May 2013

Good investing reading


Kaveri Seeds profile – Outlook

A seeds company that is growing at a fast clip and spends a healthy amount of sales on research and development. Read the story of Kaveri Seeds here.


Mayur Uniquoter profile – Outlook

This is a company that manufactures synthetic leather. It used to supply output to footwear manufacturers. It has gradually started selling its products to auto makers for seat upholstery.

It has clocked very high growth over last 4-5 years and it has strong return ratios.

Read about Mayur Uniquoters here.


Unilever’s Bargain Offer: Should You Hold On or Tender Your Shares? – Forbes

Unilever (the parent company) is offering Rs. 600/- per share to shareholders of Hindustan Unilever. A good article about what lies ahead for HUL in India and the views and counter-views on whether one should tender shares in this open offer or continue to hold them.

Read the Forbes article on the Unilever open offer to HUL shareholders.


Howard Marks – on loss avoidance in investing – Video

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