Good Investing Reading – 10 January 2013

Good investing reading – Lapsed ULIPs, small cap investing, aircraft seizure (yes, you read it right), and auto sales slowdown.

I’ve talked earlier about how most ULIPs are bad products and how it might make sense to get out of a bad ULIP. Here is an interesting article that tells us exactly how the insurance companies have benefited from all the lapsed ULIPs. Its staggering. Was the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority thinking at all when they allowed companies to launch products which were patently bad for investors? I do not think we will get answers to this question.

How your lapsed ULIPs have fattened life insurance companies – Moneylife


A good article that talks about small cap investing and returns, from a fund manager who works with T Rowe Price, a large investment management company.

Small-Cap Investing: More of an Art than a Science – Enterprising Investor


I will be all the more circumspect before considering Zydus Wellness, Cadila Healthcare, or Sintex as stocks for investment. A company’ management should be clean! This raises questions.

DRI seizes Bombardier aircraft used by Zydus Cadila MD Pankaj Patel and Sintex chairman Dinesh Patel – Financial Express


Slowdown in auto sector – Heavy vehicles sales going down. Two-wheeler sales doing Ok. Utility vehicles seem to be holding up the best amongst the lot.

SIAM – Auto industry update – December 2012

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