Gold Poll

It is gold poll time!

Gold biscuit

Recently gold has risen to record levels of higher than Rs. 32,000/- I already wrote about gold and gold investment options earlier.

I shared my inclination about gold. You might think differently. Or you might agree with me. It is always interesting to see what readers are thinking with respect to their investment options.

I have 2 small gold polls set up on Capital Orbit’s Google Plus page.

The first poll is on whether you are comfortable investing money in gold at current prices.

The second poll is for understanding the preferred route of investment in gold.

1. Physical gold – Jewellery

2. Physical gold – Gold coin or gold biscuit

3. Gold ETF

4. Gold savings fund

How to vote?

If you are viewing this on your desktop, head to the right sidebar and use the Google Plus box to head to the Google Plus page for Capital Orbit.

If you are on mobile you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the Google Plus box.

Once you have added yourself to the Google Plus page, share your vote!

I will be keeping this gold poll open for the next 4 days. So, head to the Google Plus page and share your views till 23 Sep 2012, Sunday.

Let’s see what all of us think about gold investments!

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